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"The scenery [on our Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake expedition] was indescribably beautiful viewed from the ship and while out on Zodiac excursions where you really felt the vastness and beauty of Antarctica. We had daily encounters with wildlife: penguins, humpbacks, orcas and seals. The expedition team and ship’s crew were amazing, kind and helpful, going all out to make every minute of every day special for everyone. All the passengers were warm and friendly."


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Spitsbergen Explorer

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Expeditions Itinerary 
Spitsbergen Explorer

The Wonders of Antarctica

Overview Antarctica is a mesmerising landscape of ice-choked seas, mountains, bays, fjords, rugged coastlines—and mammoth glaciers standing like carved statues. The impressive vistas of the Antarctic are rivaled only by the breath-taking wildlife sightings: minke, humpback, blue, sperm and killer whales; thousands of sea birds nesting on cliff-tops; massive colonies of penguins on remote shorelines; and seals of every description.

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We offer the most off-ship adventure options in the expedition industry.

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Observe whales, penguins and seabirds with the most experienced guides in the industry.

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Explore the remote 7th Continent in small ships that go where other vessels can't.

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Starting at $9,995 USD per person

Starting at $9,995 USD per person