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What makes a polar expedition unforgettable?

It’s moments that are unscripted, uncharted, and uncompromisingly polar.

Every corner and every moment of the Arctic & Antarctic bring unique experiences and opportunities; Quark Expeditions offers innovative itineraries that take advantage of them all. Get answers to the questions that fuel your curiosity about expedition travel to the polar regions, as well as advice on how to pick the perfect destination, itinerary and on-ship & off-ship options that will personalize your expedition, ensuring your journey is filled with uncompromisingly polar moments.

1:00 PM EST

North Pole | The Ultimate Arctic Adventure

The North Pole is an exclusive, authentic voyage that few will ever experience. Reaching 90°N commemorates a bucket-list dream—the sum total of life achievements! Learn the location of the North Pole; what you will see and do; and whether you're the type of traveler who would enjoy this trip.

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From the historic regions of the Arctic to the contrasting beauty of the penguin-rich Antarctic, you can explore your favorite polar regions with these informative past webinars.
Some expeditions may be full or no longer be available. Contact your travel agent or Polar Travel Advisor to confirm.

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The Antarctic Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula

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Falkland Islands and South Georgia

The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia

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An Antarctic Overview

An Antarctic overview

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