Discover Your Ideal Polar Expedition

Are you feeling the pull to expand your horizons and leap off the beaten path into a life-changing adventure? To reconnect with yourself, deepen your connection with the world around you, and rediscover your passions?

No matter your polar personality—whether you’re an adventure junkie, thirsty for expanding your knowledge of the polar regions, or are simply ready to check the 7th Continent off your bucketlist—we have expeditions for every travel style!

Ready to Start Planning your Polar Expedition?

Exploring the incredible polar experiences could help shape your life’s next chapters, alter your perspective and renew your zest for life. In our 2017.18 Traveler's Guide, you’ll get:

  • Highlights of the diverse Arctic and Antarctic regions, enabling you to choose the best destination for your unique travel style
  • Fully planned itineraries that allow you to experience an iconic polar experience at the last minute, or on very little vacation time
  • Incredible adventure options for customizing your trip—like hot-air ballooning, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, camping, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and photography!

The Adventure of a Lifetime in the Words of our Passengers

"I am still on a 'life-high' from this trip!"

"I have truly been blessed to travel the world, and I must say, this was the most amazing location and trip, ever. The days were filled with adventure, the nights with education seminars and dinners with new friends. And can you believe—I kayaked and camped Antarctica! Polar expeditions are truly for those who dream of traveling…"

"After seeing the polar regions—my perspective was changed! I’ve paid more attention to organizations that preserve nature and animals, even within my own city."

"Seeing the polar regions brought me back to sixth grade—it was like walking around inside a child’s wonderful science project. You want to touch every grain of sand, see every plant, and walk around and inspect everything around you. Everything just feels and looks and smells different."

Download the Traveler's Guide to learn more about our upcoming Arctic & Antarctic expeditions!