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Cool Summer Sale

Summer is coming to Antarctica, and our Cool Summer Sale means great savings on some of our most popular early voyages. In the early season, you’ll witness penguins nesting, and pristine ice at its most spectacular.

Antarctic Explorer:
Discovering the 7th Continent

10/11 Days

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This expedition is perfect for first-time visitors, taking you across the famous Drake Passage to witness the wonders of Antarctica in all their profound glory. Experience the crash of calving ice and the silence of snow-capped mountaintops. Hike up glaciated hills, commune with nesting penguins, and photograph seals basking in the sun. See full itinerary »


Falklands, South Georgia, and
Antarctica: Explorers and Kings

20 Days

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Embark on this epic expedition through the remote Falkland Islands and South Georgia to reach the raw wilderness of the Antarctic Peninsula. Embrace adventure and experience a historic journey through the awesome landscapes, untamed oceans, and jutting mountains of rock and ice that inspired the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. See full itinerary »


Antarctica East and West:
Peninsula in Depth

20 Days

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This epic 20-day expedition brings you to a side of the Antarctic Peninsula even the most adventurous of travelers don’t often see. Traverse the legendary Drake Passage to arrive at Elephant Island, venture to the remote east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, and sail across the Antarctic Circle at 66°33’ S. On this journey, you’ll experience the best of polar travel, including abundant wildlife, important historical sites, and Antarctica’s iconic icy architecture. See full itinerary »


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Expedition travel allows us to embrace a sense of adventure and enrich our lives. Today, there are few travel experiences that define adventure like a journey to Antarctica, Earth’s least explored wilderness. Start planning your journey with our free Antarctica Travel Guide.

Crossing the Circle:
Southern Expedition

14 Days

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This expedition includes the most in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula. Sail alongside dramatic ice formations and humpback whales, meet leopard seals diving beneath your Zodiac, watch penguins sliding off icebergs into crystal waters, and see the giant petrels soaring above cracking sea ice. Cap off your journey by visiting historic research stations and crossing the Antarctic Circle. See full itinerary »


Epic Antarctica: Falklands,
South Georgia, & Antarctic Circle

23 Days

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A once-in-a-lifetime adventure, on this diverse expedition you'll see it all. Experience the spectacular flora and fauna of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). Immerse yourself in the unique history and exquisite, rare wildlife of South Georgia. And cross the Antarctic Circle with like-minded passengers and crew. This experience will live on in you forever. See full itinerary »


Antarctic Express:
Crossing the Circle

11 Days

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Skip the sail across the Drake Passage and opt for a short flight to the South Shetland Islands, where you’ll embark on a raw and evocative journey. Explore the Antarctic Peninsula and cross the Antarctic Circle, a feat few can claim to have accomplished, and experience icy plateaus, calving glaciers, breaching whales and mating penguins. See full itinerary »


Antarctic Express:
Fly the Drake

7 or 8 Days

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Flying directly to Antarctica gets you right into the thick of the action in just three hours. At King George Island, you transfer to your ship for a thrilling adventure through iceberg-dotted waters searching for whales, seabirds, leopard seals and penguins. The Island Sky, our all-suites expedition ship, offers an all-inclusive experience. See full itinerary »